Hi, I'm Goose. 501st/ TK Bear Crew member. Costumes, sewing, and props. occasionally nsfw. 


bonestar reblogged your photo: Today’s shirt brought to you by the D*C Countdown….

Whaat. Janiteer t-shirts exist!?

They had a booth last year at the con, and I totally snagged one! I even got this sweet picture! 

bonestar replied to your photo: Delirium eyes! 

So pretty! What a groovy mutation! Are you doing a Delirium costume for Dragon*Con?

I love the First Class reference, and I suppose I could. It wouldn’t be hard putting together something to wear out of my wardrobe. It’s nice to have costumes that are functional and kinda low key for when you just want to blend in to the background, but still be wearing a costume.

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