Hi, I'm Goose. 501st/ TK Bear Crew member. Costumes, sewing, and props. occasionally nsfw. 


yahooownsyou asked
You should set up incentives. For $1 we can view you from across a room. For $100 we can follow you around at a 50 foot distance. For $1000 we get a picture with you. For $10,000 we get ???.

Yeah, no. Stuff like this is why I was hesitant to post anything at all.

yahooownsyou asked
What costumes do you have going on for Dragon*Con this year? If you've already posted it you can just be like "Hey, moron. Look around this date on the archive."

Haha, I haven’t posted a list yet, so no worries. I’m not sure exactly what I’ll pack yet, I usually decide what to take/leave about the week before, but, here’s a tentative list:

  • Black Cat/possible variant (Spider-Man)
  • Gizmonics Institute uniform (MST3K)
  • Harley Quinn (Batman)
  • Dark Link (LoZ)
  • Donut/ Agent 00 Donut (RvB)
  • Fionna (Adventure Time)
  • Appa kigurumi (Avatar)
  • Super secret costume (TBA)

There’s talk of bringing back the Men in Tights group, but I honestly don’t feel like participating this time around. I’ll already have plenty to work with. Some stuff might change, but that’s roughly what I have planned.

yahooownsyou asked
You could totally pull off a Black Cat cosplay. Disclaimer: I am in no way an authority on cosplay. I just like the idea of you wearing revealing clothing.

You must be new. :P

yahooownsyou asked
How do you like being in the 501st? I've always been intrigued by the group and contemplated getting a costume and joining. Just wondering what your experiences have been like, if you don't mind.

Some notes and nips of wisdom:

  • I’ve met some of the coolest people in my life from the 501st. I had some of the best moments of my life in Japan hanging out with people I would have never known if not for the group. Despite it’s flaws, it’s still a pretty rad group of people.
  • It’s expensive and time consuming….but so are most hobbies.
  • Expect your attention to props and detail to forever alter your movie experience. I still love Star Wars, but I can’t watch it without viewing it from the standpoint of someone who costumes….and I haven’t been doing it for very long in the grand scheme.
  • beer
  • Don’t do it if children annoy you. It’ll get worse.
  • Be prepared to have a firm stance on the type of tree you’d be, assuming you were one.
  • Your armor will not be new forever. Don’t get attached to that perfect white shine. (Mine is currently so scuffed that it has been suggested I turn it in to a sandtrooper.)
  • beer