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heyitspizzaclub replied to your photo: Tomorrow is my birthday. I’ve been feeling kind of…

Every day should be a Very Pizza Club Christmas! And why not? Maybe a Very Goose Pizza Birthday?

We could have a party at Oyaya con. Get a cake and ice cream from short north and eat it in the food court. We can all spend the whole weekend telling everyone it’s our birthday. It’ll be even funnier with Caboose.

This kinda sounds like a plan…

heyitspizzaclub replied to your post: You know

Here’s a tip if you do go down that rabbit hole: Don’t.


heyitspizzaclub replied to your post: Man

Join the club…wait, I don’t think a club for people who can’t socialize would work.

I can’t have pizza, I’m allergic.

heyitspizzaclub replied to your photo: Everyone from Nigerian royalty with Hotmail…

When you don’t answer their messages, you turn a sadabebe into a sadbebe. How could you, Goosio?

Because I’m a strong, independent Goosio that don’t need no Nigerian princess. 


heyitspizzaclub replied to your post: side goals this week

I’ll make sure we don’t do another Kentucky farm Halloween party this year. I’d like to have fun this time.

It was an adventure… and Cadet won all that money! Not a complete loss, right? ;D

I don’t have any plans yet, but Bear usually has something going on. Could always come up here and we could carpool from my place if anything ends up happening. Halloween Club!

heyitspizzaclub replied to your post: Things that make me hate people

It’s a sad day when someone’s opinion is based on an ICP lyric.

I just…I can let a lot of stupid shit slide on the internet because of the nature of the media, but this legitimately made me rage out.

The only reason no one is getting away selling you snake oil for your real-life disease,or any other number of fantastic advances in humanity we have is because of “scientists and their peer-reviewed bullshit.”

Like I really, really hate holistic medicine. Bags of herbs and shit that anyone can claim provide fantastic cures. Not to say that the science behind herbal medicine is garbage, but the monstrous amount of money that industry makes on here-say and preying on people desperate for cures is a problem. On the same note, I have a friend who has a father who works for a pharmaceutical company. His job is to test certain Chinese herbs to see if their claimed medicinal qualities are actually true and not just old wives tales. Science and peer-review is what separates us from the Middle Ages. /rant


                                             e       v

                                      g                    e

                                  n         is pizza        r

                                     i                       y

                                            h       t

Pizza, Alex.

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